HP Omen Mindframe headset review: staying cool isn’t enough


Designing gaming accessories isn’t entirely new ground for HP, but the company’s Omen Mindframe headset is pretty special because it’s a USB-only headset that delivers 7.1 virtual surround sound while also cooling your ears.

The Omen Mindframe headset costs $199 — which is a high price for a non-wireless, USB-only headset — and it has small thermoelectric coolers next to aluminum plates in each ear cup that are tasked with cooling off the interior of both cups. HP calls this tech “FrostCap.” There are tons of scenarios where cooling headphones can come in handy: LAN events, warmer climates, or just your everyday marathon gaming stream. Even if you’re just prone to having sweaty ears when wearing closed-back headphones, the cooling effect can lessen the discomfort.

The Mindframe is an experiment that shows promise, but its present execution falls short.


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